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About the club

About the club

When the nightis not enough
Who are we
Grandiose after-parties of Moscow

Moscow is always in search of
new things.
The night is not enough for her.

We are eagerly looking for places with inspiring people and music. This Mix is going only in the morning. Atmosphere, sound, bar, beautiful bodies and faces - everything is ready to go beyond. The after-party begins.


The interior of the club is mixed in such a way that your every morning becomes special. Style, luxury, exquisite beauty are the DNA of our decor.

Club rules

The style and level of our establishment imply a certain dress code: hi-end streetwear + casual + classic.
We especially welcome unique costumes at our themed parties.

Leave bad thoughts and any kind of weapons outside - we are for a peaceful and polite holiday.

Your night in the mix